Price list (valid until 30th. September 2017).





RES2DINVx64 (includes RES3DINVx64 Starter)




RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Basic




RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Professional




Upgrade of RES2DINVx64 to include RES3DINVx64 Basic (by email)




Upgrade of RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Basic to include RES3DINVx64 Professional




Upgrade of RES2DINVx64 to include RES3DINVx64 Professional




The above prices do not include shipping and handling charges, bank or credit card charges, taxes in the importing country and other expenses to carry out the purchase.
Each license comes with free software updates and support for the first year. After the first year, there is an annual fee for new software updates and technical support. However, the software version in the CD provided and downloaded updates released up to one year after the software purchase can still be used indefinitely if the user chooses not to upgrade but technical support will not be provided. The annual update/support fees are listed below.

Annual support/update fee for dongles with different software licenses.
RES2DINVx64 = USD450
RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Basic = USD675
RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Professional = USD900

The dongle license update or upgrade is normally done over the Internet.

For the second copy of the same software purchased by the same customer, there is a 20% discount for academic institutions and a 10% discount for other customers from the full price.

Second copy for Commercial and Government (Non-academic) departments/institutions
RES2DINVx64 (includes RES3DINVx64 Starter) = USD2700
RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Basic = USD4050
RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Professional = USD5400

Second copy for Academic Institutions
RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Basic=USD3600
RES2DINVx64 and RES3DINVx64 Professional = USD4800

For purchases with the second copy discount, technical support will only be provided to the same customer at a single office. The discount will only be given if the license for the current dongle is up-to-date. This means that after the first year the user must update the license of the dongle.

Differences between RES3DINVx64 Basic and Professional
1). Res3dinvx64 Basic is limited to 8 GB RAM memory space while Res3dinvx64 Professional can access up to 256GB RAM.
2). Only Res3dinvx64 Professional supports 3-D time-lapse inversion. The Basic version does not support this type of data.
3). Res3dinvx64 Basic is limited to a finite-difference/element mesh model with a maximum of 1.4 million nodes. In Res3dinvx64 Professional the maximum mesh size depends on the computer RAM. With 128GB, it supports up to about 10 million nodes.
Both versions support non-rectangular survey layouts (including inclined boreholes) using the arbitrary electrodes data format, and I.P. inversion using the complex resistivity method.
In addition to the limitations of RES3DINVx64 Basic, the RES3DINVx64 Starter version has a limit of 900 electrodes and 5 iterations. This version is intended for those who had purchased the RES2DINVx64 license only to have limited use of the RES3DINVx64 program.

Academic Institutions : Academic institutions are defined as institutions accredited by the government of the country as academic bodies (such as universities, colleges, institutes) and also award academic degrees such as B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD. This does not include government institutions such as the geological surveys in many countries which might have post-graduate students on attachment in research projects but do not award academic degrees.

Upgrade of dongle : The prices for the upgrades are for upgrades by email. This can only be done for the Keylok type of dongle. Users with the older Rainbow dongle will need to exchange it for the Keylok dongle before the upgrade can be made.

Please contact or for more information. To purchase the above software, please send your order by email. You will then be contacted email with the payment instructions and delivery schedule.

For all of the above items (except for dongle license update or upgrade that are carried out over the Internet), delivery will be made by courier service (FedEx or DHL) at an additional cost of about USD100 (depending on location).

Company Policy on Faulty, Lost and Exchange dongles

Faulty dongles : Faulty dongles (within the first year after purchase) will be replaced upon return to this company at a nominal cost to cover shipping charges. After the first year, the user must subscribe to the support/update service for replacement at the nominal cost.
Lost/Stolen dongles : Unfortunately, we cannot provide free replacements for lost or stolen dongles that were in the possession of the end user. Please contact for the cost of a new dongle. Dongles should be treated in the same way as any physical assets such as computers and insurance should be taken out in case it is lost or stolen.
Exchange dongles : Users with the old Rainbow or Keylok parallel port dongle are encouraged to exchange it with the new Keylok USB dongle. Please contact for the cost of the exchange. The old parallel port dongles are more than 12 years old. Computers with parallel ports are getting rare, and we will probably discontinue the option to exchange the old parallel dongle for a new USB dongle at the end 2017, or earlier when the remaining PC we have with a parallel port expires. When that happens the customer will have to buy a new software package with a 10% discount off the list price. | |