1. RES3DMODx64 ver. 3.04 with 3D I.P. modeling using complex resistivity method
  2. RES2DINVx64 ver. 4.09 with Aarhus Geosoftware online digital license system.
  3. RES3DINVx64 ver. 3.17 with Aarhus Geosoftware 3DViewer. Support for vector arrays, segmentation of large survey grids and VOI calculations with Enterprise version.
  4. Starting from 1st April 2018, sales and first-line support of the software will be managed by Aarhus Geosoftware (Denmark). Email for technical support.
  5. New version of Tutorial Notes uploaded with Appendix on constrained I.P. inversion, 7th August 2020.
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