1. RES2DINV ver. 3.59 with support for inclined boreholes and time-lapse cross-borehole data sets.
  2. RES3DMODx64 ver. 3.04 with 3D I.P. modeling using complex resistivity method
  3. RES3DINVx32 ver. 2.23 with support for multi-core CPUs and diagonal roughness filters
  4. Driver for Keylok USB dongle for Vista/7/8 added to Downloads
  5. RES3DINVx64 64-bit with complex resistivity method for I.P. inversion, sharp boundary inversion option for aquatic surveys with floating electrodes and long electrodes support.
  6. RES2DINVx32 ver. 3.71 with multi-core support, new time-lapse inversion method and complex resistivity method for I.P. inversion.
  7. RES3DINVx64 ver. 3.10 with rotation of model grids to minimize grid size, support for tank boundaries, time-lapse inversion, model resolution calculations. New manual with chapters on use of Golden Software Voxler and free open-source Paraview 3-D graphics plotting software.
  8. RES2DINVx64 ver. 4.05. Support for streamer suspended in a water layer.
  9. RES3DINVx64 ver. 3.11 with new compiler, support for AVX and FMA instructions.
  10. New price list valid until 30th June 2016.
  11. 1-day ERT workshop in Turin, Italy on 10th Sept. 2015. Contact for more details.
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